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What is WebMoney?

Electronic payment system WebMoney or WebMoney – what is it?
Currently already many faced with such a popular e-banking payment system, how PayPal (or WebMoney), which is intended for calculations for services and purchases via the Internet.

The system includes several variants of the title characters, which are calculation units, i.e., they are counterparts of real money. To store them, use the corresponding e-wallets.

The title character WMR is similar to the Russian ruble, storage where is used R-purse.

WME – analogue Euro – storage used E-wallet.

WMZ is dollars, and they are stored in your wallet Z.

WMG-unit is the equivalent of the gold that is stored in the G-wallet.

These 4 types are the most popular units, but there are also others: WMU – equivalent of Rivne (UAH), WMB – equiv...


How to return the cumulative part of the pension

The opinion of jurists as to return the pension accumulation from NPF – chances are many!
After the Russian government for the second time took future retirees their pension savings, the lawyers showered a lot of questions on “how to return the cumulative part of the pension selected by the state?”.

According to lawyers, the opportunity to return pension contributions with the Russians pension savings which will be transferred to the insurance part. But the best chances are those who are making any additional contributions to the funded part of pensions. This category of citizens should not “sit idly by” and to appeal to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation.

The lawyers explain that, although withdrawal of pension savings for 2014 and for 2015, is a state regulation, the s...


The Bank withdrew the license – how to get money legal or natural person

How to return the money if the Bank withdrew the license – investors, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities with Bank accounts. If the ACB refused to pay insurance indemnity
Examining graphs with other people on background
2014 licenses have lost about 80 different banks, in 2015 the Central Bank will continue to clean the banking sector, and there is reason to believe that the number of bankrupt banks will be much more. But how to return the money if the Bank withdrew the license?

According to the Federal law from 23 December 2003 No. 177-FZ “On insurance of deposits of individuals in banks of the Russian Federation”, to return the Deposit from the Bank, which revoked the license, in case if the Bank is a participant of the Deposit insurance system (included in the register of banks


Franchise loan

Franchise loan – how to get a loan for the deductible in the Bank
Deductible credit – a great start to a business as a franchise gives a lot of advantages that make it quite attractive for beginners. First of all, opening a business franchise, You get a working business strategy and popular brand that You essentially facilitates market entry and, consequently, profit. In addition, opening and running Your business You will help the franchisees.

Opening a business franchise can be very convenient and cost-effective solution, but, at the same time, you need to understand in order to become a franchise owner, You will have to pay a large sum of money...


Online trading currencies using binary options

Online trading and binary options – the ability to quickly obtain the planned profit in the amount more than the classic Forex market
In modern conditions of rapid technological development the popularity of trading via the Internet (online trading). This area has a lot of advantages, but its main feature is the ability to gain direct access to the exchange. This allows you to make deals and to trade (buy/sell) futures contracts, stocks, securities and bonds, excluding the communication with the broker directly.
Online trading of currencies within the binary options

Trader — a specialist who makes a profit, making transactions on stock and currency markets. It is a trader conducts foreign exchange transactions on the stock exchanges and Forex markets...